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Birdneck Lake enjoys a long-standing reputation for providing a unique and ideal quality of life for its residents. With its engaged community, close proximity to the oceanfront and unique homes that reflect a coastal lifestyle, the neighborhood is coveted by many. 

Our neighbors are committed to maintaining this strong reputation within our city. Year after year, they dedicate their time, energy and ideas to support neighborhood events and traditions, and to keep our neighborhood beautiful. We thank them for their tireless hard work to accomplish so much that could not be done without them.

We encourage all of our members to let us know with which committees they are most interested in getting involved. Every household is unique in its talents and knowledge, and we want to include you in our efforts to preserve our neighborhood.

The contact form to express interest in joining a committee is on this page. Please fill it out or email us and let’s work together in making our neighborhood one of the best places to live in Virginia Beach!

Events Chair

Year-round, the Civic League hosts a number of time-honored events that are near and dear to adults and children alike. Bring your creativity and imagination to help make these events exciting for the entire neighborhood.

Hospitality Chair

This is one of the most important committees, as we want each of our neighbors to feel welcome and to know how important they are to the fabric of our community. From welcoming new members into the neighborhood to determining which neighbors might need a little extra help from friends, this committee will keep a pulse on the community and make sure we are welcoming and engaging all of our neighbors.

Fundraising Chair

There are a number of projects and assets in the neighborhood that could use a little TLC. If you are passionate about preserving our neighborhood’s unique character, we encourage you to bring your energy to benefit our neighborhood.

Communications and Infrastructure

Interacting and engaging with each other with regularity is so important to ensuring each of our neighbors feels heard and engaged. Ongoing communications is crucial so that our members can easily stay informed of all the activities and efforts of the Birdneck Lake Civic League. In addition, there are often issues that are important to our neighbors with which the Civic League can help. This committee will help us ensure we are communicating regularly with our members.  The Neighborhood watch committee shall provide community residents resources with information such as the Neighborhood Watch Program, home security precautions, 

Neighborhood Watch:

Chair: Rick Muskovac,, 343-9838

The Neighborhood Watch Committee is a team of volunteers that enhance vital crime prevention services and community awareness through proactive law enforcement principals by being additional eyes and ears for law enforcement.  Neighborhood Watch Commitee members do not take enforcement actions, carry guns, or make arrests.  All suspicious activity is reported to the police. The Neighborhood Watch Committee shall establish a cooperative network of residents to protect themselves and their families, neighbors and community.