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Camp Grom Updates

September 26th, 2016- VGF indicated they were scheduled to meet with the city next week to ensure they were following all expectations and requirements before moving forward.  

August 2nd, 2016- Site electrical emencing this week or next.  VGF will update us as soon as they know the hard dates for construction of buildings, piers, and picnic pavilions.  The picnic pavilions will likely begin first sometime within the next few weeks.  Once the final design renderings of the buildings are complete, VGF will forward to us to post here as well. The JT Walk kick-off reception has been moved to Tuesday, August 30th at 5:30pm this month.  This is a small gathering (200 ppl) and will end before dark.  It will consist of announcements, updates, and event details for team captains, and sponsors for an upcoming charity event located on the boardwalk later this year.  Our neighborhood is not expected to be impacted in anyway by this event. 

July 14th, 2016- VGF has reached out and indicated their Walk kickoff will be at the ca

mp on August 25th.  More details will be posted as they are shared. 

July 13, 2016- The planning commission recommended approval of the retroactive removal of trees from the second site.  Several common sense conditions were added to the planning commissions recommendation, basically to ensure the site is cleaned up and maintained.  City council will make the final decision, which is usually based off the planning commissions recommendations at their next meeting.   The exact details should post here on the city website shortly.

June 28th, 2016- Mr. Frankenfield with the city and VGF spoke at the Civic League meeting and residents were able to ask questions. A few take aways is there will be no more land clearing, or trees being removed outside the two designated sites. The zoning sign for July 13th meeting is for a retroactive approval. Camp Grom at max capacity will hold around 200 people. The camp is no overnights with a 10pm close. It is expected to open in April 2017. The YMCA has partnered with VGF and will be running the operation once it opens. VGF has indicated they are not sure what will go at the 2nd site where trees recently came down. We brought up adding a green buffer. At this time there is no plans for that. Once a site plan is drawn up we can discuss further. The camp is designed for wounded veterans, disabled adults and children and their families. It will not be open to the public. We have some wonderful neighbors who are working hard to protect the land and ensure that Camp Grom has a minimal effect on our residents.


Scoop the Poop – Doody call!

HR Green reminds us that walking Fido is a great way to get out of the house and get moving. But be prepared to “Scoop the Poop” when nature calls: bag it and put it in a trash can. You’ll keep your lawn and our public spaces looking nice, and you’ll also keep our local waterways clean. To find out more information, visit

When it rains, pet waste can be washed into the storm drain. From the storm drain, the polluted water flows directly to our streams, bay and ocean - polluting the water we swim in and harming aquatic life with high levels of nitrogen and bacteria. When bacteria gets in our waterways, people are at risk of getting sick from swimming in the water.

To avoid this, remember to always:

  • Re-use plastic shopping bags for picking up pet waste.
  • Tie a couple of plastic bags to your dog’s leash, and you’ll always be prepared.
  • Always scoop the poop. Scoop it, bag it, and trash it! Take the Scoop-the-Poop Pledge today!
  • Store extra plastic bags in your car in case you’re traveling with your dog and nature calls.

January 6th

Sergeant Brad Wesseler from Virginia Beach Police Department

Good Morning,

The Virginia Beach Police Department typically sees an increase in property crimes (burglaries and larcenies) each year just before, during, and after the holidays. Unfortunately, in various areas, that is the case again this holiday season. There are, however, several things homeowners can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. Attached is a home security
booklet which provides recommendations and advice on making your home more secure. Please take a moment to read through it to see how you can improve the security of your home. Also attached is a list of various do-it-yourself tools and devices you can purchase to help make your home less accessible to burglars. In addition, the Virginia Beach Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit offers a unique service: upon request, Crime Prevention Officers will respond out to your home to conduct a security assessment. Once completed, you will be provided with a report which includes specific recommendations to improve security both inside and outside of your home (locks, lighting, landscaping, etc.)

Remember – you don’t have to be the next victim. Please feel free to contact the VBPD Crime Prevention Unit at 757-385-1006 and check out our programs and safety tips online at

Best wishes for a happy – and safe - New Year!”

For more information on Neighborhood Watch information and the Home Security booklet click here.