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Join the Civic League Today!

For just $5 per person you can help support funding for the multiple community events scheduled throughout the year. Rest assured that this money will only be used to sponsor programs that benefit our Birdneck Lake family. Membership dues go toward the costs associated with organizing community events like the annual Easter egg hunt, community yard sale, cookies with Santa, the July 4th Parade and cookout, clean-up the lake day, and, much more.

Membership shall be open to any resident or property owner in Birdneck Lake.  (Note: This includes spouses, renters, and children). Membership dues shall be $5.00 per person per calendar year and payable preferably by April
1st, of each year to help fund upcoming events.  You can also make an additional contribution below if you choose to.  Contributions to the Civic League are not tax deductible.  


Top 7 Reasons To Join the Civic League

1. Create neighborhood cohesion through many social activities and get to know your neighbors
       A.  Easter Egg Hunt
       B.  Fourth of July Parade and Cookout
       C.  Clean up the Lake event
       D.  Summer Cookout
       E.   Halloween Party
       F.    Annual Progressive Dinner
       G.   Cookies with Santa
       H.   Annual Community Yard Sale
        I.    Rock and Roll Marathon Cheer   J.     Marathon  Station and Cheer team
2. Good community communication - website, Constant Contact & an updated Facebook page
3. Issues - we are stronger as a group then as individuals
4. What we are not - a Home Owners Association
5. Civic League Meetings will be held as needed
6. A healthy Civic League needs participation
7. Annual Dues are just $5 per person and pay for the costs associated with organizing approximately a dozen social and community events throughout the year that benefit our neighborhood.