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About Neighborhood Watch

Our neighbor Ms. Hartley has volunteered to lead our community neighborhood watch program in conjunction with the City of Virginia Beach.  In order to qualify we need about 65 neighbors to sign up.  No commitment necessary other than reporting suspicious activity.  If interested please email Christrina at this address with your name, address  and phone and/or email.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program where neighbors look out for each other's safety, property and homes in a systematic and sustained way.  It is based on the idea that when residents, police and other partners look out for the safety of the neighborhood, establish and maintain open lines of communication, and collaborate to resolve problems of crime and disorder, they create safer, friendlier and healthier neighborhoods. Our neighborhood watch is organized by a committee of volunteer residents, and lead by Rick Muskovac.

What is Suspicious Activity?

  • A stranger entering your neighbor’s house when it is unoccupied.
  • Anyone removing car accessories, license plates, gasoline, etc.
  • Anyone peering into homes or parked cars.
  • Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle.
  • Anyone loitering around the parks, secluded areas or on the street.
  • Any vehicle moving slowly and without lights.
  • Vehicles containing one or more persons parked at unusual hours.
  • Vehicles being loaded with valuables in front of unoccupied houses.

How you can help!

Be alert to things happening on your street. Watch for the unusual – if you suspect anything out of the ordinary – call the police at 385-5000 (non-emergency phone number). Report anything which might indicate criminal activity. IF IN DOUBT, call the police. The Police will want to know: What happened? When? Where? Is anyone injured? Vehicle license plate number? Vehicle description? Direction of flight/travel? Description of persons and their clothing. Don’t be afraid of turning in a false alarm. Innocent activity will be regarded as such upon police investigation. Innocent citizens approached by the police as a result of your call will realize that our concern is for their well being.

Remember, the police need your eyes and ears to protect our neighborhood!  As an added layer of security it also helpful to keep our Neighborhood Watch captains up-to-date with any suspicious behavior. 

Submit a Security Alert to the Birdneck Lake Neighborhood Watch

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